Meet your Board & COMMITTEE Chairs

The RPCIA board members are volunteers and live in the River Plantation community.  Board members are elected each year at the annual homeowners meeting meeting held in January.  If you would like to volunteer as a board member or as a member of the community to assist with events and needs in River Plantation, please contact us at

President – Jamie Goodman – term expires 2021

Vice President – Steve Dresel – term expires 2021

Secretary – Linda Schneider – term expires 2022

Jaime Barnes – term expires 2022

Joe Tipton – term expires 2020

George Gilmer – term expires 2020

Steve Schneider – term expires 2020

Randy Melin – term expires 2021

Doug Skinner – term expires 2022

Committee Chairpersons

Grounds and Maintenance – Doug Skinner / Steve Dresel

The Sports Park and Pool – Steve Dressel

Architectural Control Committee – Steve Schneider

Special Events – Jamie Goodman

Communications and Technology – Mike Lee

Safety – Steve Dresel

Residential Compliance – Doug Skinner

RPCIA Subdivision